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How To Tackle Electrical Issues This Monsoon?



Monsoon always bring a lot of fun and enjoyable moments in our life and all we want to do is enjoy every bit of it without any worries and problems. But with monsoon, comes a lot of electrical problem too which often spoils our fun but the good thing is that we can avoid any electrical problem this monsoon with a little bit of awareness, knowledge and preparation. So let’s look at some tips with the help of which you can prevent electrical issues.

Maintenance of electrical components

While monsoon brings a lot of joy to our life in the form of rain but that rainwater can be very harmful for your electrical components including the appliances. Make sure that before the arrival monsoon, all your components experience maintenance. You can take a professional help from Sun City Electrician, make sure that all your components are working properly without any faulty behaviour or loose connections. Other than that, make sure that your electrical components including your appliances get cleaned. Don’t try to clean them with water, make sure to clean them with dry cloth.

Preventing contact with water

As we all know if both electricity and water comes in contact with each other then it can be very harmful for the component as well as the surroundings. So all you need to do is make sure that none of your electrical components or appliances comes in contact with water, otherwise there will be a lot of damage. Also, keep your components away from the places where rainwater can reach easily.

Electrician Sun City

Safety of electrical components

Electrical components are the most dangerous during the rainy season because of the fact that the chances of those components coming into the contact of water are the highest. Also, the safety of these components and the surrounding is compromised. So what you need to do is, make sure that all the components are safe and working fine without any fault. There are some steps you can take to make sure that all the components are safe, some steps are:

  • Replacing old or non working components with the new one make sure that the new components are of highest quality and they are installed by a professional who can do the installation with perfection.
  • Make sure to protect your components from rainwater, for that you can protect the area where those electrical components are installed.
  • Make sure that the wiring of your house is not out in open. This can cause some serious damage including electrical accidents.

Power backup

Power loss is the most common thing that happens during the monsoon season, so what you need to do is have power backup in your home so that your important work doesn’t stops due to rain. You can install power backup systems with the help of a professional.

Precautions and awareness

Due to a lot of water all around you, there are a number of ways through which you can experience common electrical accidents and damages. So while doing any kind of electrical repair, make sure to wear rubber or wooden slippers to avoid electric shock. If there is any serious or complex problem with your electrical system, then don’t handle it all by yourself, instead take help from a professional electrician who can fix your systems for you. If you hire an electrician make sure that all the work has done with perfection, make sure that the work is inspected properly, all the fixture and switches are wired properly. All these small steps will help you in avoiding a lot of troubles. ​

Why Rewiring Your Home Is Necessary?


Rewiring the old home is a very expensive procedure and requires a lot of hard work. But if the wiring in your home is old and frayed you should not avoid it. Wear and tear of the wiring depends on the type of material used and the age of the wires.

Regular inspection by a certified electrician is very important in order to detect any fault in the wiring. Electrician Sun City will inspect and will tell you if your home needs rewiring or not. A home if older than 25 years will surely develop few issues with its original wiring. If it doesn’t require rewiring, it will surely need updating at few places to meet the modern safety standards.

The most common signs that suggest that your house need wiring are:

  • Burning smell- If you notice the burning smell but fail to detect the cause then probably it’s time to change the wiring of the house. Contact your electrician to confirm what is causing the smell.
  • Flickering lights- If the light of just one room is flickering that means the bulb is not properly screwed in the fixture but when the flickering affects the entire house, it could be a sign of faulty or damaged wirings.
  • Frequent tripping of breaker/blown fuses- The breaker works to prevent the damage by tripping every time the circuit is overloaded. When your house wiring is not in the condition to handle the electricity requirement of your home, the breaker trips frequently.
  • Discolored outlets and switches- Loose connection and bad wiring cause the outlets to discolor. Loose connection causes arcing and sparking in the outlet which in severe condition can pose the threat of fire. Discoloration should never be missed in order to prevent the serious consequences.​
Electrician Sun City
  • Aluminum wirings- Aluminum wiring was used in the older days as it was cheaper than copper and the harmful effects were also not known. Connections with aluminum wirings fail easily. Rusty aluminum begins to act as an insulator leading to fire.
  • Electrical shocks- If you are facing electrical shocks, it’s time that you replace the wiring of your home. Even the smallest tingle is a warning sign of damaged wires. You should call an electrician as quickly as possible to inspect the bad wirings.

Before starting the rewiring work:

  • Smart planning – The rewiring is a messy work as the wires go everywhere: in the floor walls and ceilings. So you may need to remove the furniture and the carpets from the floor. Your home will be again plastered in order to get the new outlets and switches in the required places.
  • As the process is not a simple one proper planning becomes inevitable. You should know where you want the new lights, plug points, and switches. The simple way to do is by drawing the plan of each room on the paper. You can also draw the lights and outlets where you want them to be.

  • Think about the future needs- The demand for the new gadgets is regularly increasing. We need Wi-Fi in every room; sound system and television have made their place in the bathrooms. So it’s important that you plan ahead. Maybe you don’t need Wi-Fi in every room right now but what if you need it in the future. So keep the Ethernet port in every room. Make room for the sound system in every corner of your home.
  • Move out – Rewiring is done best in the empty house when there is no furniture that needs to be dragged from time to time and expensive items around to be taken care of. So move out in order to save the inconvenience caused due to the process.

Air Conditioner Repair Service Tips


In the mid of a humid, hot and hazy summer, is there something worse than a malfunctioning or broken down Air Conditioner? Possibly not, so how will you decide if you require air conditioner repair services?

And if you need, how will you find out a dependable technician in the mid of the summer season?

After all, the AC system is one among the most costly components in any house. Homeowners wish to do everything that is in their control so as to maintain their air conditioner and keep it working as efficiently as probable.

How to Decide if Air Conditioner Repair Service is Required?

Homeowners dread learning Air Conditioner issues as summer heat begins to hit our houses. Most of us might wonder if air conditioner is actually broken down or other problem might be impacting your house comfort.

To determine if you require air conditioner repair service, there are some questions that you should ask yourself first and a few DIY checks that you can perform prior to contacting your A/C contractor.

  • Check out thermostat settings to ensure that they haven’t been actually switched off of “auto” or “cool” settings. In case you’ve a programmable thermostat, ensure that it is on still.
  • Ensure Air Conditioner coils aren’t dirty or blocked.
  • Clean Air Conditioner air filter to make sure that it is not clogged or dirty.
  • Inspect electrical panel if A/C turns on. The switch which controls the Air Conditioner can be tripped.

Upon completion of all these DIY checks, there is probably an issue which requires professional repair services.In that case you can contact AC Repair Sun City to get your issues resolved soon.

How to Compare AC Repair Services Companies?

Lots of homeowners have actually found a dependable set of services companies that assist with their home requirements, such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing. However, if you’re still looking for that company who clicks with your own criteria, it assists to compare the Air Conditioner companies to find out the best one which fits your requirements.

If you aren’t sure about how to hire best Air Conditioner company, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners are uncertain about how to go on identifying, evaluating, comparing, and ultimately dealing with AC companies and contractors.

AC Repair Sun City

To assist, here are a few criterion to ask a few AC repair services companies when making your decisions.

  • Confirm that the company has a liability insurance.
  • Find out if the company offers incentives or rebates.
  • Check if that company provides 24/7 services.
  • Find an Air Conditioner company who values your business truly.
  • Ask and know what should you expect from the company.
  • Make sure the Air Conditioner company has a NATE certification.

Tips For Dealing with AC Repair Service Technicians

Homeowners place lots of trust in their service technicians who keep their home operating well. Their due diligence to recognize quality A/C technicians is worth your time investment, however it is also essential to make sure that anybody working in your house continues to always earn your confidence and trust over time.

Most of the damages to A/C systems arise from long period of undetected issues. As a consequence, it can be hard to find out the origin of any A/C issue and whether it’s need of emergency services or not. To aid in effort to create a relationship with the air conditioning repair services provider, below are a few ways to work with them.

  • Learn regarding the staff and their service plans, including yearly maintenance checkups.
  • Schedule services during slow time of the year.
  • Work with companies who will place things in written and always stand by their jobs.
  • Ask as many possible questions as you can to understand their working.
  • Continue working with same company so that they know about your home.

How To Get Rid Of Your Air Conditioner Of Mold?


Almost everyone has a central AC unit in their business or home due to not just the heat but the very high humidity too.

The A/C units do a great job of removing the humidity. However, over time, damp air — together with debris and dust that get past air filter — start to accumulate inside blower, air handler, and even via the duct systems of air conditioner. And this offers a great breeding ground for the mold.

Mold: An Annoying Discovery

Mold tends to develop inside the air conditioners. In such cases, good and cool air isn’t necessarily good and healthy air. Mold often starts developing on the evaporator coils, where condensation pan is situated. A clean coil tends to be an important part of Air Conditioner maintenance for many reasons beyond mold only, so its better to hire AC Repair Sun City for coil cleaning.

This environment, together with the hot, humid air, is a great breeding ground for every kind of fungi and mold.

What Can You Do To Remove The Mold?

Most testing as well as remediation is the area of specialty itself. There are all kinds of processes and products for treating inner air quality problems. But the old-school strategy works best to avoid mold in the A/C systems. It means that rather than just treating the debris and mold, you wish to remove it. Below are a few details about how to clean the AC coils, ducts as well as other parts of handler:

  • Ducts – You can use the duct-cleaning system known as Rotobrush, having a long vacuum-kind hose and rotating brush. Hose is fed in every vent. Brush scrubs the inside of ducts, dislodging debris and mold, while vacuum takes it away without any mess.
  • Evaporator - Usually this can be cleaned with a good and solid coil cleaner.
  • Blower - Removed and disassembled easily from the motor, blower also gets reassembled and cleaned.
AC Repair Sun City

Once the debris and mold are gone, keep that gone with two easy old-school tips:

    1.Using the correct HVAC filter

  • Utilize high-quality pleated air filters. You need to stop an excellent percentage of dust from getting in the air ducts and handler. A great disposable pleated AC filter fits in the bills.
  • 2. Install ultraviolet lights

  • The next step: you should stop mold from growing again, despite wet evaporator coils and hot humid air.

The UV lights have been used in the hospitals, meat markets and clinics for years to easily fight bacteria. The lights work well whenever installed properly in the mid of the evaporator coils.

Use cautions

Do not mistake any ultraviolet light for the night light! The little guys aren’t for show. They place out a higher-frequency UV lights without heat. The ultraviolet lights can burn retina of your own eyes in just a few seconds.

Plan Ahead To Avoid Mold

Whenever I return 6 months or one year later to the locations where steps I have listed are taken, and the UV lights installed, now the consequence is the same always: no mold, and coils are clean always.

You may have issues about mold in the AC system, particularly if you are working with respiratory problems. Consider finding out an insured and licensed air quality as well as ducts cleaning contractor, utilizing trusted resources available on the internet, to offer a free, no obligation inspection, molds testing and complete evaluation of the duct and air handler system. Once it is all clear and being treated, then what you cannot see will not hurt you ever … anymore.

What Causes Sewer Backup Usually?


Much like other systems in your home, you never think of your sewer pipes unless they do not work correctly. Your plumbing systems need to handle each drop of water which falls from your house's faucets. Such systems also catch each cup of grease and strand of hair along with every ounce of laundry detergent, soap, and shampoo, that enter in your drains. Whenever combined, these things can block your pipes and lead to sewer backup. There also are other reasons of sewer backups, although, and like blockages, they can be unnoticed and lurk beneath the lawn or floors of your business or home.

Knowing the reasons of sewer backups will help you to troubleshoot your house's drain systems and decide whether you can easily make a quick repair yourself or you need the help of a professional and expert Plumber Sun City.

Common sewer backups could be a symbol of more than a blocked pipe. If you’ve frequent backups, you might need a detailed inspection of the plumbing system to find out the cause.

Sewers Backup Caused by Blockages

The most common kind of sewers backup is from blocked pipes. The mix of toilet paper, grease, soap scum and hair are common reasons of sewer backup. If you’ve a backup which is affecting more than single sink or toilet, you can have an issue that needs a plumber. This can be the sign of a problem with your main sewers line and may show a problem which cannot be solved with help of plunger or drain cleaner.

General sewer backups can easily be avoided with routine maintenance and by utilizing your drains appropriately. A toilet utilized as trash bin will block. Items such as diapers, napkins, cleaning wipes, and other hygiene items must not go into the toilet. They must be disposed of in the trash properly, and not flushed ever.

Additionally, the kitchen grease shouldn’t be poured down the sink, and your garbage disposals shouldn’t be loaded with big quantities of kitchen wastes. However, while correct use can avoid many common sewer pipes backups, other issues aren't as clear.

Plumber Sun City

Tree Roots Also Can Cause Sewer Backups

Most of the sewer pipes lie beneath your lawn’s surface, and as the trees grow, their root can penetrate the sewer line, blocking it and resisting all tries by you to fix the problem. With use of sewers video inspection, the plumbers are capable to look into your pipes directly and find the issue.

Even if you might not have any tree near the sewer line, tree roots can easily cross property boundary and may be situated far away from their source. In case you’ve a sewer line which is infiltrated, the tree roots will have to be cut down and the pipe replaced or repaired.

Collapsed Pipes Can Lead to Sewer Backup

Many homes are more than 100 years old. General sewer pipes materials, in original installations, are frequently comprised of Orangeburg, cast iron, and clay.

As they age, the pipes become prone to cracks or even collapse. Trenchless technologies can replace the sewer pipes made up from such materials with system which causes minimum disturbance in your home or yard.

Sewer Backups Caused by Municipality

Main sewer lines which carry waste far away from businesses and homes can clog and lead to a backup with ease. When this occurs, nothing that you could do will repair the issue except calling local municipality. This is much more common in houses with basements, as drains lower in the home can get sewers backup from clogged municipal sewer system.

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