How to Get Rid Of Your Air Conditioner of Mold?

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Almost everyone has a central AC unit in their business or home due to not just the heat but the very high humidity too.
The A/C units do a great job of removing the humidity. However, over time, damp air — together with debris and dust that get past air filter — start to accumulate inside blower, air handler, and even via the duct systems of air conditioner. And this offers a great breeding ground for the mold.

Mold: An Annoying Discovery

Mold tends to develop inside the air conditioners. In such cases, good and cool air isn’t necessarily good and healthy air. Mold often starts developing on the evaporator coils, where condensation pan is situated. A clean coil tends to be an important part of Air Conditioner maintenance for many reasons beyond mold only, so its better to hire AC Repair Sun City for coil cleaning.
This environment, together with the hot, humid air, is a great breeding ground for every kind of fungi and mold.

What Can You Do To Remove The Mold?

Most testing, as well as remediation, is the area of specialty itself. There are all kinds of processes and products for treating inner air quality problems. But the old-school strategy works best to avoid mold in the A/C systems. It means that rather than just treating the debris and mold, you wish to remove it. Below are a few details about how to clean the AC coils, ducts as well as other parts of the handler:

  • Ducts – You can use the duct-cleaning system known as Rotobrush, having a long vacuum-kind hose and rotating brush. A hose is fed in every vent. Brush scrubs the inside of ducts, dislodging debris and mold, while vacuum takes it away without any mess.
  • Evaporator – Usually this can be cleaned with a good and solid coil cleaner.
  • Blower – Removed and disassembled easily from the motor, blower also gets reassembled and cleaned.

Once the debris and mold are gone, keep that gone with two easy old-school tips:

  1. Using the correct HVAC filter
    • Utilize high-quality pleated air filters. You need to stop an excellent percentage of dust from getting in the air ducts and handler. A great disposable pleated AC filter fits in the bills.
  2. Install ultraviolet lights
    • The next step: you should stop mold from growing again, despite wet evaporator coils and hot humid air.

The UV lights have been used in the hospitals, meat markets and clinics for years to easily fight bacteria. The lights work well whenever installed properly in the mid of the evaporator coils.

Use cautions

Do not mistake any ultraviolet light for the night light! The little guys aren’t for show. They place out a higher-frequency UV lights without heat. The ultraviolet lights can burn retina of your own eyes in just a few seconds.

Plan Ahead To Avoid Mold

Whenever I return 6 months or one year later to the locations where steps I have listed are taken, and the UV lights installed, now the consequence is the same always: no mold, and coils are clean always.
You may have issues about mold in the AC system, particularly if you are working with respiratory problems. Consider finding out an insured and licensed air quality as well as ducts cleaning contractor, utilizing trusted resources available on the internet, to offer a free, no obligation inspection, molds testing and complete evaluation of the duct and air handler system. Once it is all clear and being treated, then what you cannot see will not hurt you ever … anymore.


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