Why rewiring your home is necessary?

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Rewiring the old home is a very expensive procedure and requires a lot of hard work. But if the wiring in your home is old and frayed you should not avoid it. Wear and tear of the wiring depends on the type of material used and the age of the wires.
Regular inspection by a certified electrician is very important in order to detect any fault in the wiring. Electrician Sun City will inspect and will tell you if your home needs rewiring or not. A home if older than 25 years will surely develop few issues with its original wiring. If it doesn’t require rewiring, it will surely need updating at few places to meet the modern safety standards.
The most common signs that suggest that your house need wiring are:

  • Burning smell – If you notice the burning smell but fail to detect the cause then probably it’s time to change the wiring of the house. Contact your electrician to confirm what is causing the smell.
  • Flickering lights – If the light of just one room is flickering that means the bulb is not properly screwed in the fixture but when the flickering affects the entire house, it could be a sign of faulty or damaged wirings.
  • Frequent tripping of breaker/blown fuses – The breaker works to prevent the damage by tripping every time the circuit is overloaded. When your house wiring is not in the condition to handle the electricity requirement of your home, the breaker trips frequently.
  • Discolored outlets and switches – Loose connection and bad wiring cause the outlets to discolor. Loose connection causes arcing and sparking in the outlet which in severe condition can pose the threat of fire. Discoloration should never be missed in order to prevent the serious consequences.​
  • Aluminum wirings – Aluminum wiring was used in the older days as it was cheaper than copper and the harmful effects were also not known. Connections with aluminum wirings fail easily. Rusty aluminum begins to act as an insulator leading to fire.
  • Electrical shocks – If you are facing electrical shocks, it’s time that you replace the wiring of your home. Even the smallest tingle is a warning sign of damaged wires. You should call an electrician as quickly as possible to inspect the bad wirings.

Before starting the rewiring work:

  • Smart planning – The rewiring is a messy work as the wires go everywhere: in the floor walls and ceilings. So you may need to remove the furniture and the carpets from the floor. Your home will be again plastered in order to get the new outlets and switches in the required places.

As the process is not a simple one proper planning becomes inevitable. You should know where you want the new lights, plug points, and switches. The simple way to do is by drawing the plan of each room on the paper. You can also draw the lights and outlets where you want them to be.

  • Think about the future needs – The demand for the new gadgets is regularly increasing. We need Wi-Fi in every room; sound system and television have made their place in the bathrooms. So it’s important that you plan ahead. Maybe you don’t need Wi-Fi in every room right now but what if you need it in the future. So keep the Ethernet port in every room. Make room for the sound system in every corner of your home.
  • Move out – Rewiring is done best in the empty house when there is no furniture that needs to be dragged from time to time and expensive items around to be taken care of. So move out in order to save the inconvenience caused due to the process.


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